Book of the Week: Man’s Search for Meaning

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25 Oct Book of the Week: Man’s Search for Meaning

One of the iconic must-reads for the self reflective soul

Viktor Frankl’s book Man’s Search for Meaning is recommended by all business gurus and self developers across all walks of life.  MSFM is divided into two sections chronicling Frankl’s time in multiple concentration camps.  The first is a re-telling of his personal experience from that time as best he can recall.  Secondly, Frankl describes the psychological affects of life during and after the concentration camp and how he developed a form of therapy to help himself and others so affected by their experiences.

I’ve found myself reading through pages up to five times to fully digest the content and ideals.  We all search for the meaning of things especially in reference to struggle and suffering because those reasons are what push us through while allowing us to maintain our moral compass.  MSFM has entire chapters that are highlight worthy and read like a succession of the best self-reflective quotes ever conceived.  It is a short enough book to read in a day or so so I would say JUMP ON IT! It will affect you and you won’t regret it.



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